Richard Mille RM 056 02 Men cheap 1:1 clone


Factroy Super Snow Glazed! , To challenge the highest difficulty in watch material engineering, the first replica-grade fully transparecase RM056, 83% of the case is covered with sapphire mirror, customized production RM056 single special tourbillon movement, all gears are arranged according to the authentic, currently The most restored copy of Richard Mille watch so far, so you can afford… is the biggest difference between him and the original. (Thin, thin and transpareare the two major trends of modern craftsmanship. It seems that simple and classic design is much better than chaotic and complicated. Nowadays, it is also a trend in the watch industry to make watches that confoto the public’s aesthetics and have no lack of brand styles. The words ??light, thin and simple?? are simple to say, but they are even more difficult to do. The weight of the craftsmanship and the double test of the design have set a number of barriers for the brand. What is waiting is to overcome and surpass. Watch pioneer Richard Mille created this ultra-thin, transparesapphire crystal tourbillon watch with its cutting-edge watchmaking technology and innovative watchmaking design.)

Water Resistance: 30 meters. The waterproof depth of the watch is 30 meters, which is a good feature for the watch. Tips: The standard configuration is just life waterproof, need to purchase additional waterproof service which is up to 30 meters. For details, please get in touch with our customer service.

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